Hobby Dog Grooming

This introduction to Animal Grooming course will help you turn your love of dogs and other pets into a rewarding pastime. You may also reduce the need for those expensive trips to the dog grooming parlour. Regular grooming results in healthier, happier and more attractive dogs. This course teaches you about the anatomy of dogs and you also learn about how to put dogs at their ease making grooming that much easier as the dog will be much more relaxed and comfortable. You will also learn about the different breeds and the grooming techniques required in approaching the different types.

Course Content

  • Dog Grooming
  • Correct handling of animals
  • Coat care and maintenance
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear care
  • Health and Safety
  • Understanding equipment uses
  • How to maintain Equipment

Course Dates

  • Tuesday 12th July 9.30am – 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 13th July 9.30am – 4.00pm
  • Thursday 14th July 9.30am – 3.30pm

Start Date

Tuesday 12th July @ 9.30am

Course Fee


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