Business Administration Level 5 

This course primarily focuses on preparation for work in an office environment, but many learners use it as a stepping stone and/or preparation for entry to third level courses. Work placement is a mandatory element to the course and allows students to gain valuable experience.

Course Outline

  • Business Administration 5N1610
  • Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised 5N1354
  • Word Processing 5N1358
  • Payroll Manual & Computerised 5N1546
  • Communications 5N0690
  • Work Experience 5N1356
  • Irish 5N1631/Arts in the Community 6N3585
  • Tourism Principles & Practices 5N2078

Course Duration

This course is full-time five days per week from September to June and is delivered over either one or two years.

Entry Requirements

A QQI Level 4 Award or equivalent.

Careers and Progression

On completion of this course candidates have typically progressed to careers in administration, general business, accounting, banking, insurance, management, human resources, payroll, and book keeping.

The practical and supportive approach to our delivery makes Vocational Training and Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) the ideal path for anyone wishing to up-skill for a new job, enter the workforce for the first time or progress to further education.

VTOS Additional Supports

  • There are no course fees, and course materials, including the use of a laptop, are provided free of charge.
  • Meals and travel allowances are provided.
  • Learners in receipt of a payment from DSP will receive an allowance equivalent to their DSP payment, and those under 26 will receive the maximum Job seekers Allowance.
  • Learners returning for a second year will continue to receive their VTOS allowance during the summer months.
  • Childcare support is available.
  • An Adult Educational Guidance service is provided for all VTOS learners.

Student Testimonial 


Doing the VTOS course was honestly the best thing I ever done in the line of education. I gained so many skills and made great friends and it gave me a chance to change focus and pursue a career I really enjoy.

Detailed Course Outline

Business Administration

This module will help learners gain an understanding of the functions of organisation structures; HR, Operations, Finance, IT, Marketing and also the external factors affecting business.

Book-Keeping Manual & Computerised

This module will equip the learner with all the knowledge needed to carry out the day-to-day accounting function of a business.  Students will also learn how to operate a computerised accounts system using Big Red Cloud Accounts software.

Word Processing

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to use a word processing application to produce documents in a variety of contexts to a very high standard whilst working autonomously and under general supervision

Payroll Manual & Computerised

This module covers all aspects of the payroll system in Ireland – normal and emergency tax systems. Students will also learn how to operate a computerised payroll system using Big Red Cloud Payroll software.


This module equips the learner with the knowledge and skills required to understand how information is processed within organisations and the various systems and methods in use and to enable the learner to operate effectively in a range of organisations.


Work Experience

Allows the learner to gain personal knowledge, skills and capacity while participating in a suitable work placement, for a limited time, under supervision.


This module aims to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to communicate at an intermediate level in the target language, in standard social, cultural and work environments, operating independently while under general direction and with the view to progressing to further study or employment.

Tourism Principles & Practices

This module will enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to understand the fundamental principles and practice of national and international tourism, and to appreciate the role of tourism in the Irish economy. It is intended to prepare the learner for employment or further training in the tourism sector.


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