Course Outline:

This is a one year full-time course that gives students the opportunity to develop their personal creativity, design and observational skills through the use of a range of creative digital media, digital photography and animation drawing skills.

Programme Modules:

  • Computer Illustrated Graphics 5N1929
  • Computer 3D Modelling and Animation 5N1603
  • 3D Computer Graphics 5N5029
  • Digital Marketing 5N1364
  • Image Processing 5N1292
  • Design Skills 5N0784
  • Communications 5N0690
  • Work Experience 5N1356
  • Computer Illustrated Graphics 5N1929

Course Duration

This is a full-time one-year course which runs from September to May.

Entry Requirements

A Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied or equivalent is required, although exceptions are given to mature students who are over 23 years of age. Entry is subject to interview.

Careers and Further Progression:

On completion of this programme learners will have the skills, knowledge and competencies to
work in a creative media setting, using some initiative and independence while under general direction and or to progress to further or higher education and training.

Examples of courses for potential progression:

AL861 BA Animation and Illustration, Athlone IT (Level 8)

AL763 BA Graphic Design, Athlone IT (Level 7)

DT559 BA Photography DIT (Level 8)

CC518 Digital Animation Production, LIT (Clonmel)


There are no fees to study this course.

Detailed Course Outline:

Computer Illustrated Graphics

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the
knowledge, skill and competence to develop familiarity with
graphics concepts and practical experience using appropriate
illustration graphics hardware and software.

Animation Drawing Studies 

Students will learn the basic principles of animation through analysis of animated films and the exploration of a variety of drawing skills and techniques.  They will have the opportunity to design animation scenes and illustrate the concept of movement through drawing.

3D Computer Graphics 

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently and under supervision in a 3 dimensional computer graphics environment and formulate a range of viable practical or creative solutions.

Digital Photography 

Students will gain skill and competence in the theory and practice of digital photographic production to produce digital photographic images.

Image Processing 

The image processing module aims to develop knowledge and skills to visualise and plan all stages that are involved in the production and manipulation of digital images. Students are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the workings of a digital SLR camera and then to finalise their work using Adobe software, in particular Photoshop. The complexities of successful colour reproduction and its visual impact is also explored.

Assessment Criteria: Project 20%; Collection of Work 60%; Learner Record 20%

Digital Editing 

This module equips students with the knowledge, skill and competence to work independently and under supervision to develop an awareness of the role of the editor within film and television production and develop creative editing skills.

Design Skills 

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills, and competence to understand the strategies inherent in the design process and generate creative responses to design briefs.


Students are guided through a series of assignments to improve a range of essential verbal and written communication skills.

Work Experience 5N1356

The work experience module includes a series of written assignment which aim to prepare students for their 60 hour work placement and their future progression to higher education or employment.

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