Course Outline:

This course is orientated towards the use of computer applications in the business, healthcare and legal sectors and aims to equip students with the skills to operate efficiently as a medical or legal secretary. Students receive specialised training in the use of medical terminology which will assist them to secure employment in healthcare/hospital administration. Students will also study the Irish legal system and gain an insight into the work of the legal profession. Successful students will be awarded a QQI Level 5 Certificate in Office Administration. All students complete a 2 week work experience placement as part of their studies on this course.

  • Word Processing 5N1358
  • Audio Transcription 5N1549
  • Text Production 5N1422
  • Work Experience 5N1356
  • Customer Service 5N0972 or Communications 5N0690
  • Information and Administration 5N1389
  • Bookkeeping – Manual and Computerised 5N1354
  • Payroll – Manual and Computerised 5N1546
  • Legal Practice and Procedures 5N1394
  • Medical Terminology 5N2428

Course Duration:

This is a one-year full time course and runs from September to May.

Entry requirements:

  • Leaving Certificate/LCVP or Leaving Cert Applied
  • A QQI/FETAC Level 4 qualification
  • Mature students (age 23+) welcome
  • Interview

Student Testimonial:

Tara Wallace

“My time at this college was a year well spent given the on-going Covid 19 pandemic. The staff were friendly and very accommodating. They continued to encourage and push me through a difficult academic year and achieve my goal. My course offered various insights into different topics and new programmes which ultimately will stand to me for future employment opportunities. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge that will benefit me in my academic and day-to-day life. The decision to partake in this course was hugely beneficial.”


There are no fees to study this course.

Detailed Course Outline:

Word Processing

Generate documents and apply a range of text formatting features, templates, mail merge, labels etc.

Audio Transcription

Examine operation of an audio transcription unit and follow dictated material to produce a document.

Text Production

Examine house-styles for a range of business documents, produce documents with accepted rules for formats and conventions, attain 35 wpm typing speed with 97% accuracy

Work Experience

The purpose of this module is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skills, and capacity to participate in suitable supervised work experience

Customer Service

To equip the learner with an understanding of the value of Customer Services and the knowledge and skills to provide effective customer service within an organisation, operating independently or as part of a team.

Information and Administration

This module covers all aspects of Office Procedure from how to file correctly to the features of different business structures.

Book-keeping (Manual & Computerised)

This module will equip the learner with all the knowledge needed to carry out the day-to-day accounting function of a business.  Students will also learn how to operate a computerised accounts system using Sage 50 Accounts software

Payroll – Manual & Computerised

This module covers all aspects of the payroll system in Ireland – normal and emergency tax systems. Students will also learn how to operate a computerised payroll system using Sage Payroll software.

Legal Practice and Procedures

An introduction to Irish Law. The module covers The Constitution, the Oireachtas, the Court System and EU Law. Students visit their local district and circuit courts.

Medical Terminology

This course equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the range of medical terminology applicable and relevant specifically to a medical receptionist or secretarial role in a medical practice, clinic and or hospital context.

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