Mayo College is thrilled to announce the launch of a new sports scholarship program aimed at supporting the exceptional athletic talent within our community. This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering both academic and athletic excellence, providing student-athletes with the opportunity to pursue their passion for sports while earning a quality education.

Starting in the 2023/24 academic year, Mayo College FET offered 3 sports scholarships across a range of disciplines, including Boxing, Rugby and Soccer. The scholarships applications will be open from February to incoming students and transfer students who demonstrate outstanding skill, dedication, and sportsmanship in their respective sports. We believe that combining academic pursuits with athletic achievement not only enhances the overall college experience but also contributes to the personal and professional development of our students.

Key features of the sports scholarship program include:

Financial Support:

The most direct benefit of our sports scholarship is financial assistance. This means students fees are waivered for their chosen course and may also include other financial benefits like sports gear and travel are covered by the college.

Athletic Facilities and Resources:

Access to top athletic facilities, including gyms, fields, pools, and training rooms, can be crucial for an athlete’s development and performance. We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Lough Lannagh facilities who will provide our scholarship students with membership.

Coaching and Training:

Expert coaching and specialised training programs can help athletes improve their skills, enhance performance, and reach their full potential. We pride ourself on the quality of our teachers in the college who also provide high end coaching.

Competition Opportunities:

The college may provide opportunities to compete at a high level, potentially against other top athletes or teams in the region or at a national level. We are currently competing at Men’s GAA and Ladies LGFA third level competitions and Men’s soccer third level. The hope is to expand this to a lot more sports over the coming years.

Medical and Sports Science Support:

Because of the sports course we run the scholarship students will have access to physical therapy, nutritionists, and other sports science professionals, who can help students stay in top physical condition and recover from injuries.

Sports Psychology Services:

Mental health and sports psychology support can be invaluable for helping athletes build confidence, manage stress, and perform at their best.

Academic Support Services:

This may include academic advisors, tutors, study areas, and other resources to help athletes balance their academic and athletic commitments.

Priority Course Registration:

Athletes may receive priority course registration to help them schedule classes around their training and competition schedules.

Travel and Accommodation for Competitions:

The college may cover expenses related to travel, accommodations, and meals when athletes are competing away from campus.

Sports Gear and Equipment:

This could include training gear, and any specialised equipment needed for the specific sport. Again the college have formed a partnership with Elvery’s who are kindly backing local athletes with vouchers for sports equipment.

Networking and Exposure:

Our hope is to offer students opportunities to compete in their chosen sport where possible, thus opening up competition in third level and an awareness of other colleges and programmes

Life Skills and Career Development:

Workshops, seminars, and programs to help athletes develop skills beyond the field, such as leadership, communication, and career planning.

Post-Graduate Support:

Students will be offered post-graduate opportunities, such as assistance with job placement or further education.

To apply for the Mayo College FET sports scholarship program, interested students complete the online form.

The deadline for applications is May 31st 2024.

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