Course Outline

The Office Skills Course provides you with the knowledge and skills required to obtain entry-level employment within a modern office environment or progress to further education and training.

The Office Skills Programme will provide you with:

  • a broad range of general office skills relevant to current office environments
  • a wide range of IT skills using the Microsoft Office suite of programs
  • reception/customer service skills which give you the ability to interact professionally with customers or clients in an office environment
  • opportunity to develop effective verbal and written communication skills appropriate for a business environment
  • a chance to gain work experience with a relevant employer
  • It is an ideal course for adults with basic computer skills who wish to return to education.


  • 4N1116 General Office Skills
  • 4N1108 Business English
  • 4N0689 Communications
  • 4N1867 Reception Skills
  • 4N1125 Information Technology
  • 4N1113 Data Entry
  • 4N2138 Functional Maths
  • 4N1168 Work Experience
  • 4N1112 Computer Application
  • 4N2267 Bookkeeping & Accounts


Successful completion of this course will result in a QQI Level 4 Certificate in Office Skills 4M2070.

Course Duration

The course is full-time and involves your commitment five days per week from 9.30 am to 2.45 pm daily. It runs from September to June and is delivered over either one or two years.

Entry Requirements

No formal qualifications are required. However, applicants must demonstrate a moderate range of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course.

Careers and Progression

Successful completion of the course will enable students to seek work administration, sales or bookkeeping and is a valuable steppingstone to progress to the QQI level 5 Information Processing programme delivered in the Centre.


VTOS For Further Information on VTOS


The Vocational Training and Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is designed to prepare you for employment, whether you are changing direction or just starting out. Swinford VTOS offers full-time courses that will help you develop in-demand and practical skills in business, Computer Applications, IT and Office Skills.

The practical and supportive approach to our course delivery makes VTOS the ideal training path for anyone wishing to up-skill for a new job, enter the workforce for the first time or progress to further education.

VTOS Additional Supports

  • There are no course fees, and course materials, including the use of a laptop, are provided free of charge.
  • Meals and travel allowances are provided.
  • Learners in receipt of a payment from DSP will receive an allowance equivalent to their DSP payment, and those under 25 will receive the maximum JA rate of €232 per week.
  • Learners returning for a second year will continue to receive their VTOS allowance during the summer months.
  • Childcare support is available.
  • An Adult Educational Guidance service is provided for all VTOS students.

Student Testimonial 


With VTOS, I did more than upskill and upgrade as I was dealing with a lot of subjects that were out of my comfort zone. One of the Subjects I would like to mention is General Office Skills, not only did I improve my Word Processing, but I was able to acquire knowledge that I now use in my current job on a daily basis from answering a call to creating a manageable filing system. Along with the skills offered from FIT, I was able to use these to acquire a job as a receptionist. I can now open a Word document confidently and not be scared by the ribbons as I am now aware of what they all mean and can do for me to facilitate my work!

I made lifelong long friends who have taught me skills that are different to what I knew . I gained more confidence and improved my social skills as I was with a different group of people.

Detailed Course Outline 

General Office Skills

This module covers a broad range of general office skills relevant to current office environments.

Business English

Learners will cover a range of topics to enable them to communicate confidently, accurately and effectively in English in business and work situations.


The communications module equips the learner with knowledge, skills and capacity to communicate effectively in various everyday situations.

Reception Skills

This module will provide the learners with the knowledge, skill and competence to work in a reception area or front office environment under supervision.

Information Technology

Learners will gain the skills and competence to operate a computer and become proficient in Information Technology skills.

Computer Application

This module will provide the learner with the personal knowledge, skills and capacity to effectively use a range of common computer applications.

Data Entry

This module aims to enable the learner to become proficient in inputting data accurately and developing good standards of document production and proofreading skills.

Functional Maths

This module facilities the learner to recognise situations where mathematics can be used meaningfully in daily life, apply and transfer mathematical processes and concepts appropriate to the situation, and interpret and draw conclusions.

Bookkeeping & Accounts 

This module provides the learner with the knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping terminology. In addition, it introduces the principles of bookkeeping and accounts and the knowledge to enable the learner to keep bookkeeping records for an organisation.

Work Experience

Allows the learner to gain personal knowledge, skills and capacity while participating in a suitable work placement, for a limited time, under supervision.

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